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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bright Colors and Natural Hair

Last Thursday I decided to go to Girl's Night Out at Del Amo Mall.  The event was amazing. There was nice food and I even got a Henna Tattoo. I wish I had taken pictures of everything that I did, but I forgot. I was not even thinking about the pictures because my hands were filled with food. Gift Cards, Facials, Food was everywhere. I had so much fun. But before I left the house I decided to take a pic of my outfit.  I am working on getting a new camera soon to make my blog more professional, but in the meantime I will try and capture my moments the Best I can.

Also yesterday I decided to wear my Jumper from Asos.  I love this Sweats Jumper so much!  The only thing that I did not like about my Jumper was that the middle was hanging low because of the way I hung it up in my closet. I even tried ironing it the same morning, but it still hung. Let me tell you guys, the Jumper is comfortable.  The fabric on my skin is amazing.

I also went natural for a day.  I felt so liberated to show the world my hair in it natural state.  The way I accomplished this look was by using the Cantu Shea Butter Hair Lotion and divided my hair sections for double-strand twists. I am not sure which style I liked better (The twists or the fro), bu I enjoyed both. Next time I will work on a close up with the fro.

Hope you enjoy! xo

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Comfort Satisfaction

Since the beginning of time, women have comprised the feeling in their feet, and even  their looks for fashion. The shoes in this post resemble what it means to be fashionable and still have that touch of comfort in our soles.  I would be ever so grateful if these shoes came in a wide width, but ehh I guess its not that season yet. I just hope I do not have wait until I am 30 to see more wide fitting shoes in the mainstream fashion industry. Maybe one day though *crosses fingers*  This dress is also perfect. May snag this week, still thinking. Only
time would tell :)

Loves dolls!

Asos Curve Dress

Saturday, August 31, 2013

103 Degree Weather

2 Weeks Ago

Lip: Nicki Minaj by MAC
Shirt: Faith 21
Necklace: NastyGal
Purse: H&M
Jeans: Evans
Hair: Au Naturale

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Del Amo Fashion Center

Hey everyone,

I had an amazing Experience at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, CA.  Living 25-30 minutes from here has its perks I must say.  My main reason for coming here today was to see the new "Jobs" movie starring Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs with my friend Nicole a.k.a. Colley. One thing I realized from this movie was that Steve Jobs was not the nicest guy. He was so pressured being a perfectionist that he was loosing people that were close and important to him.  The script of this movie fit into the Drama category.  I did not enjoy the movie much because it was boring. If this movie had a taste it would be bland. And I mean no foreign spices at all, not even the sea water can help this movie. The visuals and the way they captured the 70s made me feel like I was actually living during the times Steve Jobs had help come up with Apple.  I had a such a great time looking at the outfits that were worn and how the people seemed carefree.  But that was about it. I could have seen this movie on mute and still had the same reactions from the wardrobe. 5 stars! to the Costume Designer on the set.

 Later on, I decided to go try out the new restaurant "Stacked". This was such a delightful experience.  We got to order our whole meal on an iPad (with help from the waitress for explanations).  I was amazed.  I almost ordered a double stacked burger, but Thank God I didn't because a single stack did me right. Plus, I realized that an old manager lied to me about the cost for the toppings. I remember when this place opened 2 years ago, he told me that the cost of the burger would be the same even if I were to take off the toppings that comes on a regular burger. Lies! Your burger starts off at $5.83 (please do not ask me how I remember) and then it begins to increase as you add on toppings. You can add anything up to Potato Chips, Blue cheese, Honey Mustard, and many other rare toppings. I had only gone for basic toppings like Lettuce, American Cheese, Bacon, and Spicy Barbecue.  It was delicious!!  So if you are ever in town, do not be shy and walk in for a taste of their menu. You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vashtie (a serious deal)

This chick is so inspirational. She gives me liquid courage to go after my dreams. Forget what others think and be me. I feel like Fashion and artistry has no bounds, no limits, to be who I want to be.  Life is all you need to be inspired and to inspire others. Inspiration is a great thing, because this allows people to be great no matter what.  Once you let go of all things that bound you, you are living testimony to be who you want to be with no boundaries.  Boundaries are pointless if you want to be who you are. You must be great at whatever you do! Do not let the Haters talk you out of your dreams.  If the time is right, you will shine. Yes. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rihanna - Pour it Up (Cover)

Had to re-Post. Yess. They are giving life to this song. Great job, ladies!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

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